San Francisco Team Outcome

Yesterday we had an intense day full of decisions and learning’s. During the training session we analyze all the San Francisco learning journey as a team and personally.

We realised that we have learnt a lot of things there in San Francisco, we have take advantage of every visit we had had and we have grew up as a team. We have come here really motivated because there we have seen a very different world, different ways of business and we have take some new ideas to make projects from them. This learning journey has help us to visualize better more or less the likes of each of us and with the Smash trust session we shared our thoughts and feelings with the others and we get more confidence in Smash, that’s a thing that we really needed. Every member of the team has tried to go to visits, meetups and events connected with the likes and the needs of each one.

There are things that we should have changed to, like the preparation of the trip, the budget and so many things that we left for the last moment. But in general, I think that this trip has been very enriching and helpful for us.

Now it`s time to hurry up, give the best of us in every project and take all the opportunities we have to reach the goals of the team and compulsory for everyone, NEVER GIVE UP!Imagen


Here is coming the event of the events!!

Next 25 of April SMASH is travelling to Barcelona to participate in an event organized by WALKINN. Walkinn is a teamcoop which is taking part in MTA community. It has already started as a company and it is still doing reallygood work and projects. The event is starting the 25 of April and it is going on until the 27.

A big boat is coming from Standford university (san Francisco) and is carrying 300 students who are having a trip all around the world generating innovative ideas and projects. We will have the opportunity to interact with them and share knowledge as well.

On Saturday 26, we are starting an innovative 24 hours birth giving in Barcelona activa space, where we are going to try to give the best ideas for the challenge that IBM is going to present us.Imagen

Those are the reasons that our company has found on this trip. As a company is a great challenge to share knowledge with Standford people and also competing hardly with the other teams. Our objective is increasing the potential that we have for making birth givings and also focus as much as possible in getting new ideas and can make more completely our work.Imagen

Also getting advantages of the time we are going strongly with other 2 products that we have launched last weeks. Have a little check of aComer phone application and a noomad bike, Ready to sell in Madrid and in Barcelona.



Smash bueltan da!

Ongi Etorri Smash!

Gaur astelenero  bezala, Oñatiko bulegoan bildu gara denok asteari hasiera emateko asmotan Euskal Herrira egindako itzuliaren ondoren. Esan beharra dago igarri egin dela Smash berriz ere bueltan dela, bertan zegoen giroa eta zalaparta nahiko berezia zelako.

Egia esanda ikaragarrizko aldaketa egin dugu San Francisco-ko Union Square-ko NextSpace-tik Oñatiko lab era, faltan botako ditugu bertako segurtasuneko bi mutik bitxi ariek eta baita ere leihotik sartzen zen eguzkiaren argi bero hori, hemen ordea  leihotik begiratuz gero elurra ageri da mendi magaletan zehar eta ez dugu inolako segurtasunik behar. Eskerrak eman nahi diegu bertan lan egitea lagundu ziguten pertsona denei esaterako Kile Fisher eta Lindsay Burstedt beraien arreta eta gure esanetara egotearren ESKERRIK ASKO.

Orain hemen utzi genituen lan denak berriz ere hartu eta gogor ekiteko ordua da, California-ko gauza hoberenak maletan sartuta itzuli gara esaterako, gure ideiak aurrera eramateko behar dugun indar eta ilusio denak.


Today, like every Monday we have met at the office of Oñati to start the week after the come back to Basque Country.
We had a big change from the San Francisco Next Space till the offices of Oñati, here we will miss the security guys who were cool guys and also the hot sun through the windows. Now it’s snowing in the mountains, still not changed anything in the door and there are no Security guys. Thanks to the people who have welcomed us into Next space, especially to
Kile Fisher and Lindsay Burstedt, THANKS A LOT.
Now we return to the projects that we are doing here and we bring the best of California for those who want to take our ideas and the illusion that we have.

The end of San Francisco learning journey

Today has been the last working day of our learning journey of San Francisco. Tomorrow we have Keiretsu Forum, which is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors. 

On Monday we had our last training before each one starts a different adventure from California and near states. It was a training of reflection on the whole month as a team. This learning journey has been a great experience for us.

On the good part we have had the opportunity to present our different projects during the month. We have assist to different Meet Up of communication or technology, depending on  our likes, and also we have received feedback from our customer visits. As a team we have improved our efficiency and had more action, taking advantage of the city of opportunities. We have realized also how open-minded is people here and that they are always ready to help you, which has been an extra motivation for us. 

We have had big learnings here based on the people we’ve met, the places we’ve visited or different events we’ve participated. Maybe the biggest learning to apply in our projects is that we must do fast prototyping of our products and try then in the market soon, and then improve them with feedback. The time to market is really important. We have learnt also how to sell Smash in different situations and describing our added value. 

Travelling is always a good experience and a way to grow and develop as humans, but also developing as a company in our case. We will come back to San Francisco. 





Ayer empezamos el día cogiendo el coche a las 06:00 de la mañana para asistir al «UX BOOT CAMP FAIR TRADE USA» al que nos han invitado en Petaluma (California). Este campamento esta organizado por la empresa «Cooper» y en el tenemos que resolver un «challenge» lanzado por Fair Trade USA, mediante las herramientas de «Design Thinking».

Este campamento dura 4 días y tendremos workshops de diferentes herramientas de «Design Thinking» de 09:00 de la mañana a 17:00 de la tarde. En total somos 28 personas participantes, en las cuales hay personas de todo tipo de empresas, pero la mayoría tienen el rol de diseñador@s y nosotros en cambio somos los dos únicos estudiantes del camp. Ademas, hay que decir que estamos separados en pequeños equipos de 5-6 personas.

En el día de ayer tuvimos una presentación amplia por parte de «Cooper» y miembros de «Fair Trade USA» sobre el reto que tenemos que solucionar durante los 4 días. Después de esto nos enseñaron que pasos debemos seguir para sacarle en mayor provecho a una entrevista a un usuario. Ademas de la teoría, luego tuvimos la oportunidad de ponerlo en practica, ya que entrevistamos a usuarios reales que tenían relación con «Fair Trade USA».

Hoy en cambio nos hemos dedicado el día creando «personas» y «escenarios». Para ello hemos tenido en cuenta las respuestas que conseguimos de los usuarios a los que entrevistamos. Hoy hemos aprendido que pasos hay que seguir para crear una «persona» y un «escenario» para esa persona.

De momento y resumiendo mucho, esto es lo que hemos trabajo en el campamento. Durante los dias que nos quedan haremos el prototipo de la idea que hemos realizado y luego el ultimo día los tendremos que presentar a la gente de «Fair Trade USA» mediante un pitching.

La verdad es que esta siendo una experiencia increíble para nuestro aprendizaje por lo que estamos disfrutando como niños con esta oportunidad irrepetible.

Mas adelante os informaremos mas sobre el desenlace del campamento.

Eskerrik asko!



David Sibbet – The Grove Consultant

Hi everybody!

Today has been an amazing day for our company. We have visited The Grove Consultant and we have had a workshop led by David Sibbet.


First, we have been reflecting about our process an the learnings we’ve had in this Learning Journey so far. David has been facilitating our reflection on this.


After this, we have been practising a little bit and we have learnt some techniques for drawing seed shapes, that will be useful for us in order to facilitate our meetings.

Then, we have discovered new tools to do this kind of work digitally and David has shown us different examples.

We’ve also have had the opportunity to hear from him really interesting information about the tools that he shares in his books and he has shared with us some of the works he has done.

Finally, we have offered David and The Grove to do a Birthgiving with a challenge thrown by them, so you will have more news about it.

From Smash we want to thank David for giving us this workshop. We are looking forward to working on the challenge for them!


P.S.: Happy Birthday to our member Jon Ander!


Pitching Event!

Yesterday we had the Pitching Event. People of the community pitched different kind of projects and the winners were Iñigo Martinez, Nagore Beloki and Laura Estankona, members of our company,  with Noomad Bike project. If you want to live the process you can watch the videos!

Nerea Eizaguirre (@nereaeiza93)

The Prontonight Event


The Prontonight logo

Protonight is an initiative that started in SF to bring near a person who has an app idea or web idea and a developer who could help that person to carry out the start up.
The event is normally done the mondays nights in different places and this are the activities done:

1. You have dinner with different people explaining your idea or what to have dedicated your life to.
2. Each person picks a card, it can be either idea person card or developer card.
3. You explain your idea to the other person , if both people are interested in the start up could start right there.

Why do we think it is a great idea?

We think is good because it was so hard for us finding someone who could colaborate with the Acomer app ( will be soon in the market .

Probably from Smash Company will launch some protonight events to help out the people who needs it.

Thank you for reading this!

ADRIAN AMIGO @adrianamigo1

Hoy Mandela Market Place


Hoy Mandela Market Place

Últimamente nos estamos adentrando más y más en lo que es el Bay área y para saber un poco más acerca del impacto social que pueden llegar a tener las empresas en la economía local de una comunidad nos hemos ido a visitar a la empresa Mandela Market Place. Está situada en el oeste de Oakland, el barrio más pobre del Bay área y con muchos problemas de infecciones y de mala alimentación. MMP desempeña la labor de educar y llevar a este barrio una buena alimentación con la cual crean una atmosfera completa donde compran productos a un precio justo a los granjeros de la zona, después lo llevan a su tienda en West Oakland con ayuda de su propia distribuidora y la venden a su propia comunidad en la tienda que poseen.
Nos ha servido sobre todo para ver que este modelo de economía local se puede imitar no solo en los temas de alimentación sino en todo lo que veamos posible aplicar un sistema de recogida y venta dentro de una comunidad con falta de eso en un momento concreto.
Estamos muy agradecidos por la oportunidad que nos han dado de conocerles y estamos deseando de poner en practica todo lo aprendido en el torneo interno de ideación que hemos diseñado en Smash.
Muchas gracias por leernos y estar atentos que todos los días os iremos contando algo más sobre nuestra aventura!!!


We are still doing lots of things in San Francisco!

Last Friday we went to Stanford University. We saw a little bit how was the campus and also we go on a small tour with Aitzol all over the university. He talked about his experience in USA and what is he working on.

It was a very interesting visit because we learn some differences between the universities from here and from the Basque Country.



There was also time to team building on Saturday. We rent some bikes and we went all over San Francisco. There were many places to visit and we did it. First we saw the port and after we follow the way to the Golden Gate and we cross it.

Here you go our picture!  Image

On Sunday we celebrate Saint Patric´s day in Dolores park and to start another week in this city we have been in an event in HUB SOMA with MINN and other interesting people!