Here we are in Oñati again. On saturday we came from Finland, almost two months of hard work, a lot of fun and a lot of special moments, both in Tampere and Jyväskylä. We have met the Tiimiakatemia of Jyväskylä where some days we worked together with finnish companies and made contacts for future projects. It has not been easy to go ahead with projects but we learn from our mistakes. The most successful project were the Restaurant Day and also the Metso project, which gave big invoicing and profits. We cooked spanish omelette, paella… and typical spanish and basque food. For the marketing we were singing and dancing in the street and we mixed work and fun. Here is a picture of that day:


And during our stay, what have we learnt? It has been a very deep trip with a different feelings. Regarding to the university we have improved our relationship between the members of Smash and Glow and also with Irun people. Regarding the goals we had, we have achieved the one of customer visits but not the goal of money, so we’ll work more now. We have understood better the way of working of «learning by doing» but we still have a long way to learn. So we’re willing to start with new and successful projects. We will notice you as soon as posible!

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