Global Service Jam in Amsterdam

Last weekend we’ve been in the beautiful Amsterdam in A’dam’s Global Service Jam, a service design event. But what is service design? The event consisted on creating or re-designing a service in 48 hours. The event in Amsterdam has taken place in Knowmads, a school for young entrepreneurs which is similar to Team Academy, but it was made at the same time in different cities of the world, like in Bilbao. Moreover, we were 30 people and more than 8 different nationalities.

When we started the Jam we were given a topic: «Hidden treasures». Basing on that topic we had to re-design a service. It was amazing realizing how we could make such projects basic on an apparently simple topic. My group created «Faithbook», an online platform to connect people from different beliefs or religions and share knowledge and experiences.

Another interesting project was «Kaixo: re-write your city», the creation of a new city-map of Amsterdam were people could write and mark their own «hidden treasures». This could be a good way to share hidden but magic places of a city which aren’t the most popular. Locals could also share this places to tourists, and that was the main goal: improving relation between locals and tourists.

We were the youngest people on the event and the first time we were in a Jam, but we learnt a lot, we met a lot of people and had a good experience!

Laura Estankona

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