Self-motivation and Positivism

Yesterday Manuel Tallada started his speech with one smile, one natural smile. In fact, that was the base of the speech given by this business man in the BBVA Innovation Center (@CIBBVA) and it was organized by Knowsquare.

The name of the speech was «Self-motivation and positivism». The speech was simple and clear and he made us reflect. It was also an interactive thing where we could speak and ask questions to him. He started telling us about the three kind of obstacles we have in life.   Obstacles «I», obstacles «You» and obstacles «It». The second and third obstacles are difficult to change, because we can’t change easily behaviors or personalities of others neither external factors like being in a traffic jam. But the only thing we can always change is the obstacle «I». We are responsible of our thoughts and the attitude we want to have in life. As he said «the quality of our thoughts determine our quality of life». We can lead our own change.

Related with positivism, he continued saying that we always have to imagine in better things, even if things are going wrong or right.  Manuel Tallada give us some tips to develop  our own positive thinking. The one we liked the most was the example of «21 days». As we all know, when you practice something during 21 days, you finally do something like an habit. For example he told us that we could think every day in the evening before going to bed in three nice or funny things that happened to us during the day. Or that making acts of kindness is one of the most satisfactory things for human beings. The real example we were given was about one guy called Neil Pasricha that made a blog called «1000 Awesome Things». The blog speaks about apparently simple little experiences that influence us positively and make us smile like «like singing in a car with a friend after a concert» or «wearing an old jacket and finding 20 euros in the pocket». This kind of things make us face the day with one smile. The main idea was that Attitude, Attention and Authenticity are basic to have an amazing life.

Here is the link for the ones we want to see the whole speech.

After this learning and interesting week tonight is time to have fun in Madrid.

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