Hello readers!

This time we are talking about the great adventure that 1st generation LEINNsters are living in China & India. As we can see in the next video, they have organized «Global futurizer» event in Shangai, China, and they are organizing the same event in Mumbai, India, in few days.

But what is «Global futurizer»?

«FUTURIZER SHANGHAI is an event that develops the products and services for the companies to answer the needs of the future. This event has been created for companies that want to know how to define the strategy for the future in China.
We are going to mix more than 200 young talents from all nationalities, companies and universities that we can.» This is what we can read in http://www.globalfuturizer.com/, but as we think that is better to feel the action than reading it, here we let you the video where you can see what the 1st generation LEINNster from «TaZEBAEz» and «Akkua» companies have done.

They are coming home in few days, so, we wish them good luck for the end of the trip and the next «Global futurizer» in India. We are expectant of hearing news and experiences.

We see you the next week!

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