«We are being cheated and robbed by the banking system and a government complicit» and expressed Victoria Grant, a Canadian girl of 12 who is convinced that banks hurts the citizens.

This was explained by the girl in front of the audience of the Public Banking Institute in Philadelphia, statements that were posted on the YouTube page where he has won more than 300 000 visits, and have also been disseminated by various international media.

The key to the analysis of Victoria Grant is that banks are detrimental to both governments and customers, since customers also pay taxes to service the national debt, so they could then ensure that the banks are hurting two times.

Victoria says with conviction that it is «extremely painful»(even for a 12 year old girl as she) know that we are being «ripped off and stolen.»

«Never doubt that a small group of citizens can change the world. In fact, are the only thing that ever has»

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