Innovating 24h

Last weekend members of Smash together with people from other companies of Leinn we have been in the university of ESTIA (Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées). The event was called “The 24h Innovation” and our mission was to create one product in 24 hours. 30 companies from different areas (most of them design engineering) gave us a challenge and we could choose the one we liked the most.

The process was first defining the “problem”, then specifying the characteristics of the future product and start doing the prototype dividing the work in smaller teams. The members of Smash we worked in a project of the company Vita Constructions called SANTIAGO PUNTO. This company is building ecological wood cottages for the St. James Way (Camino de Santiago) for the pilgrims that mostly find comfort. So the challenge was to make a kind of bracelet for entering in these cottages and have also access to the food cabins during the whole journey. As the work was mostly of designing, our work was focusing on the business and applying the service design process.

The event was in a very good atmosphere, including drums and guitars for those who wanted to disconnect a bit from the work. It was interesting working with people of other universities and nationalities. It would have been better if the event was in English because we had some problems to understand the presentations; even so it was funny trying to communicate with the people of our team. The prizes also were good, such as a parachute jump, so this was maybe a big motivation for giving the best. It was a very tiring event, but very interesting.

The host of the event says bye bye to everyone.





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