Strategic Days

Last week in Smash company we had our Strategic Days. The place we chose for that occasion was Kobe’s orchard in Lekeitio, with amazing views to the coast. 


We started the day with a short evaluation of last year performance. What mistakes did we have? What did we do well? We come to many conclusions and we saw that there were quite a lot of things that we want to change this year. For example, we think that we had lack of commitment to the team, that it was difficult for us to finish projects, that we weren’t motivated… However, we saw that in the first month this year we have already changed some of these things even if we still have a long way.
After that, we talked about the expectations we have for this year’s leaders. We defined better the role of the financial leader and we talked about what Eider can bring to that position and so we did with the other 3 leaders. Once we defined the roles better, it was time for lunch.

ImageWhen we went back to work, we started doing the Learning Contract of the team. We talked first about where have we been as a team, and we saw that we didn’t have constancy and that there had been little presence of the leaders team last year. Moreover, we think that until now, we have been doing well as a friend group but not that well as a working team, and that is one of the things we are trying to change first. But we also think that we are a really powerful team working under pressure and that we have quite a lot of good ideas. Then, we talked about where we are now and we said that we have already started to change some aspects such as organization in the tam but we think that individually the change has been quite small. So, we know we have to work on that and learn how to take the most out of our time. After that we talk about where do we want to go and how are we going to get there and all of us think that we have to try to have as much training as we can and that we have to start invoicing regularly from the projects we are passionate about. For that, we need to have our agendas complete and we have to give more importance and value to everything we do. WE think that when we reach personal satisfaction and when our checkpoint changes every day, we’ll know that we have arrived there.


When our learning contract was done, we started talking about our mission and vision because we thought that the ones we had weren’t appropriated with our situation. After a long afternoon working on our “Why” and listening different opinions about that always with the help of our coach Kaisu, we reached to our new leading thoughts, which you can check in the section “About Us”.
After that, it was time for having dinner as a team, a delicious barbecue made by our member Azko. After the dinner we had a good time talking about different things and recalling past experiences. Then, it was time to sleep.
Next morning, we woke up with an amazing sunrise in the coast, an excellent way to get up in a good mood. After having breakfast all together we started working on our objectives this year. We talk about the way to see the rocket model and our situation more visual and we also analyzed aspects as reading, visits, invoicing and profits and we defined the way we are going to reach our objectives in those areas. We also talked about the languages and we decided that all our training sessions will be in English and that the check-in and the check-out in all of them will be in Euskera. We also decided that to improve our English we have to read some books in English and do the essays in that language too. Finally, we fixed some dates to start developing our main product that we will inform you about it soon.
If you want to see more photos, you can find them in our Facebook (Smash Company).


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