Triodos Bank is an ethical and sustainable banking. This tipe of banking is part of a social movement that has a biger social and environmental responsibility in the financial sector. Some of their dinstictive parts are things like ethical investment, socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility,… They are also related to such movements as the fair trade movement, ethical consumerism, boycotting, etc.

The name Triodos (from the greek word «tri hodos») means three-way approach: people, planet and profit. It was founded in Holland in 1980 and Its founders were inspired by the economic thought of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

This bank is an entity that wants to contribute to a positive and sustainable change in society from the financial system, improving the quality of life of people and respecting the environment and culture. To achieve this, they only invest in companies and initiatives that are being cost-effective and have environmental, social and cultural value. The investments are directed to sectors such as renewable energy, environmental technology, organic farming, biobuilding, sustainable tourism, art and they give support to groups at risk of exclusion. Their 3 values are:

• Nature and Environment: Triodos Bank finances renewable energy projects, environmental technology initiatives, companies in the sector of organic farming and biodynamic, and projects of nature conservation.

• Social initiatives: Triodos Bank finances social enterprises and non-profit organizations working on disability issues, social inclusion, health, development cooperation and fair trade.

• Culture and leisure: Triodos Bank finances organizations related to arts, education, personal and spiritual development of the person. Also sustainable tourism initiatives, cultural and leisure activities.

In short, what this banks offers is social profitability, real economy, transparency, experience and simplicity.





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