Skura mobile is a young company, entrepreneur and committed to their clients that they dedicated to mobile application development.

Is born from the hand of two students of Mondragon that after having studied Telecommunications Engineering, that decided to take their own entrepreneurship.

Is categorized as a technology company dedicated to the development of mobile applications. They use technology as an ally to offer solutions tailored applications as they respond to each customer needs, whose service put all their knowledge’s. The involvement of each partner in each project is deep and they have a close relationship with their customers, trying at all times to provide the best solutions to their needs and possibilities.

In these moments we are working with them to carry out the project called «aComer«. We are very grateful to them because thanks to the trust they have put into this project, we are able to carry it forward. Now again we are reorganizing the project with them and so far the results are good, so when we make progress forward with the project «aComer» we will inform you.

Eskerrik asko!



skura mobile

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