Learning journey SFO


Hello readers!! Have you missed us?                                                                                           Here we are in San Fancisco. We have spent a really amazing week visiting companies and learning a lot about different aspects and culture of USA. Since now we have visit Attack! Marketing, Relay fundation, Renaissance, Wikipedia, Precita eyes and we have assist to some workshops to improve in things that we need like communication, marketing, digital tools,…


From today we are going to upload the blog everyday to show you how is it going here in San Francisco so take advantage and enjoy it wherever you are!!

Today we have had an amazing visit with Angeles Arrien. She is a very known anthropologist, educator, award winning author and consultant that has been working and collaborating all over the world together with Peter Senge and other very respectful people. She has created 4 principles that can be applied in different cultures and environment.

Based in those 4 universal communication principles that she has created and also sharing different experiences in a very inspirational and peaceful place that is in Sausalito.
4 universal communication principles:
– Show up and choose to be present
– Pay attention to what has heart and meaning
– Tell the truth without blame and judgement
– Be open to outcome, not attached to outcome
So she has open us her houses door and she has share with us her life experience.
To finish the day we have been seeing the mach os WarriorsVSPistons, veeeeery amaizing!
Greetings and see you tomorrow here.

Today song: California Dreamin– The Mamas & The Papas. 


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