The Prontonight Event

The Prontonight logo

Protonight is an initiative that started in SF to bring near a person who has an app idea or web idea and a developer who could help that person to carry out the start up.
The event is normally done the mondays nights in different places and this are the activities done:

1. You have dinner with different people explaining your idea or what to have dedicated your life to.
2. Each person picks a card, it can be either idea person card or developer card.
3. You explain your idea to the other person , if both people are interested in the start up could start right there.

Why do we think it is a great idea?

We think is good because it was so hard for us finding someone who could colaborate with the Acomer app ( will be soon in the market .

Probably from Smash Company will launch some protonight events to help out the people who needs it.

Thank you for reading this!

ADRIAN AMIGO @adrianamigo1

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