The end of San Francisco learning journey

Today has been the last working day of our learning journey of San Francisco. Tomorrow we have Keiretsu Forum, which is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors. 

On Monday we had our last training before each one starts a different adventure from California and near states. It was a training of reflection on the whole month as a team. This learning journey has been a great experience for us.

On the good part we have had the opportunity to present our different projects during the month. We have assist to different Meet Up of communication or technology, depending on  our likes, and also we have received feedback from our customer visits. As a team we have improved our efficiency and had more action, taking advantage of the city of opportunities. We have realized also how open-minded is people here and that they are always ready to help you, which has been an extra motivation for us. 

We have had big learnings here based on the people we’ve met, the places we’ve visited or different events we’ve participated. Maybe the biggest learning to apply in our projects is that we must do fast prototyping of our products and try then in the market soon, and then improve them with feedback. The time to market is really important. We have learnt also how to sell Smash in different situations and describing our added value. 

Travelling is always a good experience and a way to grow and develop as humans, but also developing as a company in our case. We will come back to San Francisco. 




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