Here is coming the event of the events!!

Next 25 of April SMASH is travelling to Barcelona to participate in an event organized by WALKINN. Walkinn is a teamcoop which is taking part in MTA community. It has already started as a company and it is still doing reallygood work and projects. The event is starting the 25 of April and it is going on until the 27.

A big boat is coming from Standford university (san Francisco) and is carrying 300 students who are having a trip all around the world generating innovative ideas and projects. We will have the opportunity to interact with them and share knowledge as well.

On Saturday 26, we are starting an innovative 24 hours birth giving in Barcelona activa space, where we are going to try to give the best ideas for the challenge that IBM is going to present us.Imagen

Those are the reasons that our company has found on this trip. As a company is a great challenge to share knowledge with Standford people and also competing hardly with the other teams. Our objective is increasing the potential that we have for making birth givings and also focus as much as possible in getting new ideas and can make more completely our work.Imagen

Also getting advantages of the time we are going strongly with other 2 products that we have launched last weeks. Have a little check of aComer phone application and a noomad bike, Ready to sell in Madrid and in Barcelona.





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