San Francisco Team Outcome

Yesterday we had an intense day full of decisions and learning’s. During the training session we analyze all the San Francisco learning journey as a team and personally.

We realised that we have learnt a lot of things there in San Francisco, we have take advantage of every visit we had had and we have grew up as a team. We have come here really motivated because there we have seen a very different world, different ways of business and we have take some new ideas to make projects from them. This learning journey has help us to visualize better more or less the likes of each of us and with the Smash trust session we shared our thoughts and feelings with the others and we get more confidence in Smash, that’s a thing that we really needed. Every member of the team has tried to go to visits, meetups and events connected with the likes and the needs of each one.

There are things that we should have changed to, like the preparation of the trip, the budget and so many things that we left for the last moment. But in general, I think that this trip has been very enriching and helpful for us.

Now it`s time to hurry up, give the best of us in every project and take all the opportunities we have to reach the goals of the team and compulsory for everyone, NEVER GIVE UP!Imagen

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